We have plenty more “resources" to entertain you and your family. Just connect with us over the phone or drop us an email or you can even leave a message behind over the “Contact" page on this website. We shall connect with you at the earliest possible schedule to share the catalogues. The catalogues below are just a glimpse of what we have for you.

Montessori Materials - Catalog

Montessori Materials catalog brought to you by Kido

Montessori Materials - Price List

Montessori Materials Price List (Last Updated Jan 2020) by Kido

Educational Aids - Product Catalogue

Product Catalog brought to you by Skola

Educational Aids - Price list

Skola Products Price list (Last Updated Jan 2020)

Grid - Which Skola Toy to use

Skola's age-wise Grid for its toys for different age groups of kids.

Other Toys - Catalog & Price List

Toys for various age groups. The file is a catalog with prices against each toy. (Updated June 2019)

Select Return Gift Toys

Select Toys within Rs. 500.00 chosen for return gift from previous catalog. They are not from Skola or SkilloFun. You may need look up separately in the Skola and SkilloFun catalogs, would you wish to choose from them. (Updated June 2019)
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